Getting started on your fitness goals

It’s the last day in September and I finally got the blog up and running!

The main reason I am doing a blog is to inspire women to get up and going on their goals. I am happy to share my life, goals, and running adventures with you with the hopes that you will join me in running the (your) world.

I receive so many emails from women who want to change their diet, health, and life, that I had to do a blog. I am always willing to share what has worked for me but I want to be clear that I am not an expert on health and fitness. I am however, an expert on my fitness and I know what has worked for me in the last three years. So I will share my journey with the hopes that it will help you on your journey as well.

The Goal- Achieving your fitness goal is no different than any other goal that we may have. It begins with the end state first, or whatever you expect to gain in the end.  So think about whatever it is that you hope to accomplish on your journey and how long it will take to accomplish it. Set an end date and work backwards by setting daily, weekly, and monthly goals. I use pictures, reminders in my phone, and a vision board. Trust me it works!

There is no I in team!- Yes I know you have heard it before but it is true. Grab a partner, friend, or as we like to say in the Army, a battle buddy, and share your goals with them. Make sure that whoever you choose will hold you accountable and give you praise and encouragement when needed. I am always available!

Apps that I love- Nike NTC, Nike Running, NOOM, RunKeeper, HIIT, and one day the Everunstheworld app. 🙂

So what is your ultimate fitness goal?

*90 days until the new year, how close are you to reaching your 2013 goals?*


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