In the spirit of throwback thursday, let’s go back to our eighteen year old selves and think about what we wish we knew then, that we know now.

I wish I knew then that every choice both big and small will show up or manifest in my life eventually. If I eat the burger…If I don’t go to school….If I don’t pay my bills….If I don’t love myself,  eventually it will show up in my life.  I will then have to face the choices and deal with them accordingly.

Thank God I have been able to make good choices and also face the not so good ones. My 18 year old self was a totally different person than I am today.



I am so thankful for the lessons and I wouldn’t change a thing. Now I have three boys to share my lessons with and my only job is to cut the time in half, so hopefully they will understand sooner than I did.


Live Love Laugh

Eat Pray Run



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