One way to achieve your goals in 2014

Happy New Year! It’s the beginning of forever…

I have to share what I realized while watching the #100Lifegoals event this week. Many of the tools that were shared during the 100 life goals event I had already been doing and they all made perfect sense to me. The one thing that I do when it comes to my goals is an AAR.

After Action Review (AAR)- In the military the one thing that I have learned and will be able to use in life is the AAR. All of the speakers at the event said in one way or another “Find out what has worked for your goals in the past” and use it for your weaker areas. Every month I set aside time to review my goals for the month and where I am in the process. My questions are always..

1.What did I set out to do this month?

2. What did I actually do?

3. Where do I need to make improvements?

4. What do I need to keep (sustain)?

5. What are somethings that can be done next time? 

This is a great way to accomplish almost anything you set out to do in life. Take time to reflect on all that you have accomplished in 2013 and then take the time to see what setbacks you had. In 2014 develop a plan to overcome the setbacks and check in on your goals monthly. 

Yes, it is time consuming and yes it requires preparation but so does the trips to the fast food spots, shopping for no reason, and social media.  




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