Healthy Meal Ideas

UnknownEve’s Kitchen: Week Two

I enjoyed switching up my meals this week and adding in some flavor without the added calories.

This week I put together a few meals from scratch and others I online or in magazines.

Breakfast Ideas:

Organic egg white omelet with quinoa, mushrooms, and onions

Kind Healthy Grains Oats & Honey Clusters with Almond milk and sliced bananas

Turkey sausage with boiled egg whites

Sliced fruits (raspberry, Kiwi, Strawberries, etc.) with oatmeal

Lunch Ideas:

Grilled Chicken breast mixed with portobello mushroom over whole grain pasta

Quinoa, Kale, and sliced sweet potato

Baby Kale, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, tuna, and boiled eggs with Lite Raspberry walnut dressing

Snack Ideas:

Natures Promise Natural White Cheddar Puffs

Strawberry, blueberry, and whipped cream with cinnamon on top

What new meals have you tried this week? 



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