PEARL Book Club

My favorite place in the world is the library… shhhhhh! My 2015 reading list: It’s Not Rocket Science – Mary Spio Start With Why – Simon Sinek You are a Badass – Jen Sincero The Now Habit – Neil Fiore The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell What are you reading these days? -Eve

PEARL Power Playlist

You ever feel like you’re about to die on the cardio machine? Well here are a few songs that will save your ass. Meek Mill– Monster Beyonce – 7/11 Kendrick Lamar – i Kelly Price – It’s My Time Swizz Beatz – Money In The Bank What is your favorite power song? -Eve

Got Energy?

Far too often we focus on time, instead of energy, but the two work hand in hand. I believe that you can have all of the time in the world, but if you lack the energy needed to pursue your goals you have bigger problems. Think about all of the times when you had plans…

Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung and it’s time we get to the business of cleaning out the dust from the areas of our lives that could use it. Lets start with those goals that we abandoned one week into the new year. March is the perfect time to revisit your goals for the year. It’s been a…

Why the name PEARL317?

Why PEARL 317?   PEARL 317 is a movement to empower women and girls to run the world. I came up with the name PEARL 317 after attending a meditation class in pennsylvania over a year ago. Before the class I had no idea that pearls were formed from debris and other items that enter…

March Newsletter is HERE!!

March Newsletter: Check out this months newsletter where we discuss, eating, sleeping, and treating yourself. We also share ways that you can get back to YOU, while working out in the flyest fitness gear. Pearl 317 Newsletter