Pearl Women – Amour


This weekend I sat down with my favorite blogger Amour. Her blog The Brooklyn Bombshell is an entertainment and lifestyle blog for women. Read her interview below and stay tuned for more from this Bombshell.

What is your name?  Amour

What is the name of your blog?  http://

Where are you from?  Brooklyn NY but resides in Las Vegas, NV

What is your relationship status? Single

What is your fav quote? “I’m tough, I’m ambitious and I know exactly what I want, if that makes me a bitch, Ok.- Madonna

What is your mantra?– Live out loud

What is your current motivation/Inspiration? Wanting to be my own boss and leave a legacy for generations to come

Biggest Lesson Learned(so far)?  Not to judge people

What would you tell your 9 Year Old Self? Be confident, and fearless, and go for exactly what you want and use your time wisely

What is your vision for your life? To be happy-have a successful business- strive for excellence- have a family and healthy relationship- doing exactly what I want to do and surrounded by people that I love

What are you “running” right now? I’m running my world!


Finish these sentences:

I could be… a force to recon with if I tap into my potential, no, I will be.

The hardest thing I’ve ever… been through is seeing my brother have an emotional breakdown.

The key to success is… hard work, resilience, focus, never giving up, and reinventing yourself.

I regret… not moving to California when I was getting the ball rolling on my acting  career.

My greatest accomplishment… I’m still working towards my greatest accomplishment.

Every woman should have… confidence and a queen like aurora.

I feel most empowered when…I am see other women who are empowered because it inspires me a lot.

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