Spring Cleaning


Spring has sprung and it’s time we get to the business of cleaning out the dust from the areas of our lives that could use it. Lets start with those goals that we abandoned one week into the new year. March is the perfect time to revisit your goals for the year. It’s been a little over 90 days since we were super excited about the possibilities of another year, lets not lose sight of our goals.

Lets start spring cleaning from the inside out, by changing your thinking and cleaning out the negative self talk. Clean up energy depleting behaviors like staying up late, drinking alcohol, and skipping the gym.

I challenge you to do a check-up on your self, finances, fitness, relationships, and personal goals for the year. What obstacles have you faced and how did you manage to get past them? In what areas have you stayed on track and how can you bring about more of that?

Here’s to a happier, healthier YOU!



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