Why the name PEARL317?

Why PEARL 317?


PEARL 317 is a movement to empower women and girls to run the world. I came up with the name PEARL 317 after attending a meditation class in pennsylvania over a year ago. Before the class I had no idea that pearls were formed from debris and other items that enter an oyster’s shell. It was that day that I had an aha moment and realized that even through all of the pain, struggle and difficult things that I have been through I am just as beautiful as the pearl. I then thought I know many women who struggle and are thrown all sorts of crap but they don’t look like what they’ve been through.  I came up with 317 because I was born on the 317th day of the year so I thought it would be perfect to add that personal touch.

My hope for PEARL 317 is that I can motivate and inspire women to run in the direction of their dreams. Running has given me so much in the last four years and I want all women to enjoy the same feeling. I realized through running how important it is to set goals, plan, prepare, and show up even when you don’t want to. Running has given me the confidence to face all challenges head on.

I created a shop that offers a journals and postcards to help women on their journey. This is just the beginning!

You can visit my shop here http://pearl317.com


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