Got Energy?


Far too often we focus on time, instead of energy, but the two work hand in hand. I believe that you can have all of the time in the world, but if you lack the energy needed to pursue your goals you have bigger problems.

Think about all of the times when you had plans to do so much, but felt exhausted, tired, sleepy, and drained. We stress time management as one of the keys to success, but lets talk about energy management or burn out. Burn out occurs for many reasons but I want to focus on the reasons that we have control over like: how we start our mornings, our personal space, emotions, spirit, and sleep patterns. When we ignore all or some of the things that may be stealing our energy we loose out on all of the benefits.

How can we improve our energy? I’ve made a simple list of ways to improve your energy.

– Start your mornings with prayer, reflection, or a gratitude exercise

– Get 8 hours of sleep

– Have a balanced and healthy meal plan

– Skip  the Alcohol but not the GYM

– Take a walk around your neighborhood and look UP

– Let go of negative emotions and fuel positive ones

– Before bed identify your biggest challenge for the next day and concur it first thing in the morning

On your journey to excellence don’t forget that time management is key but energy management is crucial.

xoxo- Eve


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